Break Up Help

Break Up HelpIf you are still in love with your ex and want to patch up but you are not sure how, you may need some break up help. It is said that even the best of friends fight sometimes, resulting in a break up that may have been made in the heat of the moment or with “firm” resolution. With regret, it is understandable that you would want to patch up with your loved one and because you still hold strong feelings for your loved one.

Regardless of how strenuous the relationship had been and how bad the break up was, it is important that you take care of yourself, first and foremost.

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Let us consider a scenario where a misunderstanding had taken place and you and your lover acted in the heat of the moment. Both of you would be emotionally hurt and mentally drained. Making contact with the other party could involve further strains in their minds.

Like any wound that bled, it needs to stop bleeding first, bandaged and healed before normal activities can be resumed. You would need to emotionally and mentally settle yourself first, before you could take proper action, les the wound opens up and worsens. You must remember that not only were you hurt; she had bleed as well. You must also remember that it is human to err, and that she would cry also shows that she is human.

Should you feel you do not know how to deal with the situation, nor do you feel that the people around you could understand your feelings, it might be suitable to seek professional help. With a stranger who is unfamiliar with you and your loved one, he would likely take a neutral stand and offer a perspective not seen by either you or your lover. Furthermore, a professional would be able to suggest efficient actions for you to take. As mentioned earlier, you need to take care of yourself first, to help you regain your composure and stabilise your turbulent mind before you should meet your lover again or send he or her to the same consultant.

Thus, in a break up, it is important to remember a few things: you need to ease your own burden first, you should seek professional help if things do not seem to be improving, and you need to remain calm and unstressed before attempting to resolve the situation or salvage you relationship.

When you feel you are ready, you should consider a number of ways to make contact with your loved one. An environment that has a calming effect or a peaceful setting does not agitate any emotions would be viable. When speaking, you need to remember to stay calm, keep your voice steady but not forceful and touch on topics that are sincere. You should consider voicing your feelings, telling your loved one they still hold true, and with the passing of time, you were able to reconsider the whole matter and would like a chance to make up for your mistakes. Relationships are about giving and taking, and now that you have spoken, it is her turn to voice out her thoughts as well. As she had listened without interrupting or brashly throwing aside your thoughts, you should also listen intently and without interjecting. Most of all, you must not demand an answer immediately. The wound may have closed, but it can still feel sore. You need time for both of you to think through your last encounter and reconsider the situation one more time. Since you initiated the attempt to make up, your loved one should now conclude it by being the one to call you up.

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Any reader who decides to follow this route would find certain peace in resolving or salvaging his situation with his lover. However, do note that it is human for things not to go as planned. Gaining and losing are part of life and one must not forever hang on to the past. No one knows that by moving forward, one may find a happier fate.

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