Build Trust in Relationship

Build Trust in Relationship Now!Trust can be a very fragile thing, making us wonder how to effectively build trust in relationship. It could take several years before someone is willing to be alone with you waiting at the meeting point for the rest of your friends. Then, when you are finally successful in earning that person’s trust and bring that person to your room at home at night with your parents on holiday, you could easily shatter that trust just by giving in to your lust and cuddling with someone else for five minutes. Trust can indeed be very difficult to earn while being very easy to lose.

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Earning someone’s trust requires time and you definitely need to take some trustworthy actions. Jumping into a relationship with someone you met just five minutes ago may be possible, since the opposite genders do attract each other. Whether your partner is willing to commit to you, though, might be a different question to tackle. If you really wish to enter a relationship where you and your partner are willing to commit to each other, make some considerations before doing so.

Ensure you are as good as your words. In a simpler term, you need to keep your words. Keeping promises is actually important, where you raise your partner’s hopes and anticipations. Should you break your promise, your partner would be disappointed and you can imagine how it would reflect on you. There are more than just promises to keep. Saying that you will make dinner every night would create the expectation of home-cooked meals and failing to produce it could also result in undesirable responses from your partner.

Tell the truth, and do not lie. Just by avoiding the truth once, your partner would not know when you would lie again. If it was just a small matter of being distracted by sales at a store and coming home late, the harm may have been lesser. However, just because you once lied about the reason for your lateness, it would put your partner on alert whenever you come home late again. In this way, you would have lost your partner’s trust in you to reach home on time. However, not all situations must demand that you cannot lie. Being absolutely truthful could also bring undesirable to yourself and the people around you. If you are one who easily gets attracted to superficial beauty and your partner asks if you attracted to another person, would it actually improve your relationship by telling the truth? Or would it create undue jealousy instead? Some would argue that if your partner truly loves you, your partner would support your emotions. How long, though, can your partner endure the way you frequently ogle at someone else?

Do not keep secrets from each other if you can. Your partner is your beloved, and your loved one is someone whom you have given your life to, isn’t it? Keeping important information would make your partner wary of you, wondering what else you have hidden away and if it could hurt either of you. It would also draw a division between you two, because when you have too many things your partner knows nothing about, you may present yourself as a stranger. Of course, there are some secrets that can be or need to be kept. A woman is known to be independent and with each dollar that goes to her bank account, an unknown part of it may go to her secret savings to be used during a severe emergency.

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Trust your partner before you expect any trust in return. Think of it as giving and taking in a relationship. While you put your trust in your partner’s actions and believe them to be the right thing to do, your partner would similar feel gratitude and shares the trust, depending on you to do what has been entrusted into your care. This can be put into words or actions, such as entrusting the task to your partner, then not asking about the situation at all until your partner informs you the task is done.

Be strong and stay firm in your relationship. Be there with your partner in good times and bad times to be the one person your partner can count on to share the happiness or help shoulder the burden. A cat is known to rub its legs lovingly and mew it cuteness at you when it knows you hold food and can provide it warm shelter. The minute an earthquake comes or a fire breaks out, you would normally realise the cat is missing. That’s because it was the first one to run for its life. Avoid being such a person who runs at the first sign of trouble and return only when the coast is clear.

There are many ways that are common and unique to build trust in relationship between you and your partner, and it would be best to try out for yourself what works best. If it was something as simple as taking good care of the children, then it would be worth enduring the cries. If it was something as complicated and tedious as convincing your partner’s grandmother to give her blessing, you know that you have gone more than the extra mile for a relationship you two have.

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