Why Codependency In Relationships Not Good For You

Stop Codenpendency In Your Relationship!Are you feeling alone even if you are married for quite some time? Do you feel that life is passing you by but cannot do anything about it? Many people are codependency in relationships, especially individuals that consider love is a sacrifice, so even if they are hurting they continue with the relationship.

A person in a codependent relationship will be unhappy because they are living their life according to their partner without them realizing that what they have is nothing but an empty relationship. If you keep on putting, the relationship ahead of yourself it will drain your energy, until you have nothing left to give.

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What Is Codependency In Relationships

Codependence is a type of relationship that slowly allows a person to be consumed by its codependent partner. Meaning to say, you feel that the relationship is more important than yourself. So, even if the person is not working hard to make the relationship work, you try to do it alone.

Why Codependency In Relationships Not Healthy For You

Codependent relationships can keep you from living life to the fullest and it will not even let you enjoy the relationship because you will always feel that something is not right. Take note, most people that are in this kind of relationship even loses the other aspect of their life, even the people closes to them as they try to salvage what is deem from the start as a hopeless relationship.

A good example is when you are in an abusive relationship or with someone alcoholic, you will naturally try to save your partner and by doing so, you will end up locked up in the relationship and with that person. You might feel good and superior, because you think you are stronger but it will never make you happy.

In fact, making a relationship work with someone who does not even care will make you miserable, because no matter what you do that person will never appreciate what you are doing and this will only drive you insane and bitter.

Is Codependent Relationship Really That Bad

You might think that codependency in relationship is just natural when you are in love, as love entails sacrifices after all. But how far would you go for the sake of your love, and how assure are you that what you are still feeling is love and not just pity for your partner or worst you just love the idea of being in a relationship.

If a relationship is not rewarding or just one sided, no matter how comforting it is to be in a relationship then you are better off alone.

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Why You Should Admit That Codependency In Relationship Is A Problem

Being in a codependent relationship is just a disaster waiting to happen, the sooner you realized this fact the better for you and your partner. So, when you think that you have tried everything to save the relationship, then it is time to say enough is enough. Actually, I highly suggest that you consider giving up on the relationship, for the reason that some people realized the importance of a person when they are already out of their life, and so you will not just save yourself but your partner as well.

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