Commitment Phobic Men

Click To Solve Commitment Phobic Men Problem!You want to love him and marry him for the rest of your life but because of the idea of tying the knot, man finds its way out. Commitment phobic men are like souls getting distressed with full of fears and unjustified reasons. Their baseless and somewhat unfair reasons about love, commitment and relationship can create pain, anger and hatred to the women who have been lovely because of them but became a monster because of breaking their hearts without rational reason at all. Imagine men when mentioning commitment to them, you can actually make them jump off the chair, open their eyes bigger, pump their hearts faster and open their mouth so wider. Such signs only indicate that men are too coward in love and connection.

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Women who have experienced getting a relationship with commitment phobic men have finally realized how their behaviors differ from those who are not into phobia of commitment. These behaviors to be given will be a big help to those readers who are suspecting a phobia to her boyfriend or friend and wants to clarify it.

1. They usually have a history of short relationships and have no plans of getting married with the same old reason, “I am still looking at the right person in the right time”.

2. They have a history of infidelity.

3. They are mostly interested to long distance relationships.

4. They are attracted to women, and look for another women depending on who says yes first.

5. They are sometimes weird; when woman are far from him, he keeps on looking and wants to involve with her again. But when the woman is with him again, he finds his way out.

6. They are short-tempered and manipulative.

7. They tend to treat the relationship more of a routine rather than love.

8. They consider their women as a low priority.

9. They may sometimes say, “I want a relationship” and although their principle is, “no strings attached”, they will not say it. That sounds so selfish.

10. They find women who are not of their type so that when they want to end the relationship, they can make it as a reason.

11. They always want to have more space.

12. They are more likely controlling in the relationship.

13. They usually put a limit with their circle of friends and working environment.

14. They choose not to include the woman in their weekend escapades.

15. They are mostly unfaithful.

16. They always blame their women why the relationship is in conflict.

17. They are moody and do not want to mingle much to so many people.

With so many negative behaviors of men with phobia of commitment, it is also necessary to all women readers that they know what causes this problem to men.

Learn How to Get Your Ring From Commitment Phobic Men!

1. One woman syndrome
This is the number one reason why men are afraid of commitment. They do not want to be termed as playboy, so even if it’s natural to men of being bigamous, they still find inadequate reasons for them not to be called as such. When men commits, they are obliged to stop their sexual options for the rest of their lives causing sexual boredom in the relationship. A one woman syndrome really scares them.

2. Past Experience
The true fear of commitment can occur from a horrible experience on past relationships. Such experience may have left them a scar emotionally and psychologically. Healing the scar takes time and committing again will also take time.

3. Incapacity to Provide
It is the men’s pride to be the provider of the family. Even before getting into marriage, they are already thinking if and when they are not capable of providing their family’s needs. So they begin to fear the incapacity to provide by leaving them like a loser.

4. Loss of Freedom
Commitment means cutting down of night outs and parties. Men by nature love late night drinking. The idea of commitment fears them of losing their own space and freedom.

Upon knowing all the behaviors and reasons of the commitment phobic men, women may have somewhat an idea on how to intervene with their men. Although signs are apparent to men that they are really afraid of commitment, it is still essential to take time to evaluate and understand them. For those men who are experiencing and dealing with relationship because of fear, the only key to go through this problem is to accept and acknowledge that you really have it. Once you are done with acceptance, it would be easy for you to change and see things clearly. To the partners who are struggling because of the fear, help each other and look at the brighter side of life.

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