Coping With Breakup

Grab the Magic of Making Up System Today!Coping with breakup is a process of tears, regrets, depression, hatred and acceptance.

“I hate him but I still love him.”

“He's always on my mind almost everyday.”

“I know he's the one. Maybe I should wait until he changes his mind.”

Does it ring the bell? I think most of you can relate to these lines. Why it is so hard to cope after a relationship ends? I know. You may have been there. Separating from the one you love is one of the most unbearable pains you ever have to face. In the result of the breakup, the hurt, the despair, the sadness and the feeling that your life just all fell down, look as though they’ll go on forever for the rest of your life.

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So, here are some of the magical keys you need to follow to get yourself back on the driver's seat.

Express your anger
Yes, it is very much alright after the break up to express your anger in a therapeutic way. It’s not okay to do something destructive to yourself or others. Don't waste your time hurting yourself because it won't help you. If you think hurting yourself would bring your love back but it won't! Instead, acknowledge your anger and sadness by allowing yourself to engage in activities that let it out in a healthy way. Everyone has its own ways to help them work through things. Some people write poetry, others clean out their closets, others work out, cook, or talk to friends. Whatever your “safe” outlet is, use it to focus the lingering feelings you have from your break up.

Be with your friends
There is that thing people say about getting by with a little help from friends. So, go out with your friends and have a great time. By having a good time and some fun, you'll be able to pacify that hurting feeling within you which comes naturally after a break up.

As much as possible, in coping with breakup, you should avoid your ex-boyfriend because every time you see him it will just reopen those wounds. Seeing your ex is a reminder of the pain that you feel. Even if you remain friends after a breakup, moving on with your life can still be difficult. Give yourself some time away from him to get over the breakup before you start hanging out again. Gifts and photos are just reminders of your time together. Keeping pictures of your ex, especially both of you, all around the house will not help you. Looking at his pictures will just cause you to yearn more and may make you regret the breakup. Do yourself a favor and put the photos away.
Reminiscing the past will not help you so you should avoid it. You will just hurt yourself if you keep on thinking too much about the break up and the memories. As much as possible, divert your attention. Avoid thinking about him.

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Pamper yourself
Yes, you should give an ample of time for yourself. You've been with that person for a longer time and I know that you seldom give yourself a time. This is your chance to love yourself. Go shop, get a manicure or pedicure, organize your life, and take a vacation if you like. Do anything that will make you feel better in a healthy way. And most of all, keep moving forward to enable yourself to experience true happiness again.

Acceptance is the most important part of coping. All these steps would be so useless if you haven't accepted the situation. Face reality and accept the fact that it's over. Learn to move on. Give yourself plenty of time to heal. As long as you don’t reopen the wounds, sooner or later you'll get your feet back on the road.

Coping with breakup may take too long before it’s totally gone. You will feel all the undesirable feelings that you did not expect happen into your life before. As such, this article will help you get through with the process. Trust me; those advices above will surely help you cope up slowly. Your friends, expression of anger, a little of pampering from yourself and acceptance are the best ingredients for a happy disposition after the horrible breaking of your heart.

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