Do I Still Love You?

Do I Still Love YouMany people asked the following question, “Do I still love you?” In a nut shell, emotions and feelings are very complex issues. Many people actually do not fully understand what they are feeling and whether that feeling is just a sudden surge of emotion rushing through their brains. Many people keep their feelings to themselves and not discuss them with their family or peers because feelings are something deemed very personal. The human brain is so complex that what we feel is not the same in different stages of our lives. Hence, it is not surprising to see a rising trend of people being confused about their feelings for their ex. Such form of feelings may last for a short period of time but it may also last for the long term. So, how do you really feel about your ex?

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Relationships may either end on a good or bad note. Leaving behind unresolved feelings may lead to unproductive future relationships. A good example would be you looking for another guy similar to your ex. So, the problem is whether you truly love this guy in your new relationship or you love him for the same character traits as your ex. Then, in this case, do you still love your ex? Therefore, it is extremely important for you to think through carefully so that you can move on and have a more productive relationship in the future.

How can you determine what your feelings are for him? Take a look at the following questions and think about your answers. Your answers will tell you how you feel about him.

• Do you feel a strong desire to see him?

If the answer is yes, then most probably you will try to create chances to get in touch with him. You might hang around at his work place, hiding one corner just to take a good look at him, making sure he is safe. Otherwise, you might just dial his number accidentally, hoping that he will return a call to you. Or, you might even just use all your courage and show up in front of him, giving him a surprise.

• How often do you think of him?

If the answer is often, then there is a high chance you are still in love with him. Your mind will be full of his images, especially when you wake up in the morning and also at night when you are going to fall asleep. You are likely to miss the cuddles and kisses he hands out to you when you wake up and before you go to sleep. The thinking will get even more intense when you have a lot of free time. You are likely to hang out at the places where you both used to go and things that both of you did together. Memories and emotions will just rush into your mind constantly.

• How does it feel to think of him being with someone else?

This question is more complex because there are different implications to this question.

When you see him with another person, you may feel jealous because you are not happy that he managed to find a new partner while you have not. In this case, it is more of the pride in your mind doing the damage, giving you the jealousy.

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On the other hand, you may feel angry and upset because you still love him. Seeing him with a new partner hurts and it feels like a stab in your heart. You feel like you want to declare war with the other party because you still love him and you do not wish to see him with a new partner.

After looking through all these questions, I am sure you already have some answers for yourself regarding the question, “Do I still love him?” It is important to think through carefully and make a wise decision to either show him that you still love him or just get over with it and move on. Only by thinking it through thoroughly, you will understand whether you still love him deep down in your heart or you just do not wish to move on from this supposedly failed relationship.


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