Healing a Broken Heart

Healing a Broken HeartHealing a broken heart is often a difficult thing to accomplish. The right words need to be used, the right situation depicts how to say them and the right mood is needed for your hearts to accept the right words. Spending time and effort to console yourself and your partner would be needed to let your feelings settle down and your mind to recover strength to face any hardships that may continue. If you and your partner are ready to commit to your relationship again, things could steady improve.

Healing a broken heart would require you and your partner to find out how your relationship was affected in the first place. Both of you need to be open-minded and see things in a neutral perspective so that you could try to find out what exactly are the problems that caused the initial break down.

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Do not start denying any faults, do not shift blames to others. Note down possible problems first, then consider if it may actually be a problem or not. Then, find out how it could have escalated into a break up.

Next, you and your partner would need to find solutions to resolve the conflict you two are facing, then, find ways to prevent it from happening again and decide how to resolve it should you two face such a problem again. Again, do discuss things with an open mind and do not allow emotions to cloud your views or make your mind rigid. Just as it requires understanding from you and your partner in discussing what the problems are, it would also require understanding when deciding how to resolve your problems. It may not be easy to find a solution so quickly, but if you two are able to compromise, your relationship could improve even with the problem still present. There is always more than one way to go about doing things.

More importantly, both of you must be willing to commit to your relationship. If you are waiting for your partner to change his bad habits and your partner is expecting you to do something, anything, just something, your relationship might not improve as readily as you might want. In certain circumstances, it might actually worsen. If you are willing to do research on the proper materials to fix the furniture in the house and your partner is willing to find out where to buy the materials, both of you could quickly begin reparations and resolve the uncomfortable home environment your relationship previously created. By committing each of your selves to the relationship, improvements can be seen and you two would feel that there is hope in a better future together.

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You might want to consider the fact that some things may not return to the way they used to be. After knowing that your partner is a superficial person, it might be difficult to accept any compliments on your image, particularly when you dress up your best. You and your partner would still remember what caused the initial break down in your relationship and become wary of it. If you two have been successful in compromise or resolving it, then it would be joyous to know that you two can learn to forgive and forget.

Healing a broken heart is something people would want to do, but it is not necessarily possible or impossible to do every time. With commitment and sincerity, you might find that healing someone could take a lot of effort, but when things take a turn for the better, the feeling of happiness earned is worth more than words.

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