Help My Relationship

Help My RelationshipPeople who have their relationship broken up and are crying, “Help my relationship!” would know how difficult it could be to win back the heart of their ex. After experiencing conflicts and arguments, trying to win back someone’s favour can be difficult indeed.

Some of the reasons why winning your ex back can be difficult could be categorised in two ways. One is because your ex has dominance in your relationship. In such a case, it is likely that you are the one who still holds feelings for the relationship while your ex has gotten over it and given it up, thus being resistant to anything you do and say.

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The other reason could be because you have been doing the wrong things to win back your ex’s favour. It is possible that you are actually pushing your ex further away.

It is unfortunate but as long as your ex has dominance over the relationship, you are likely to have difficulties making things go the way you want them to, particularly since you are trying to bring your ex back to your side. Knowing that you do not have much power over the situation, a reluctant ex is unlikely to get back into a relationship with you unless you are able to prove yourself worthwhile or convincing.

Thus, you may want to manipulate that resistive mindset instead. There is no need to let your ex know of your intentions or take actions that obviously try to win his favour. In easier terms to understand, make use of “reversed psychology”.

One example would be during the point of the break up. It is common for one person to be crying all over and begging the other to reconsider and stay together. Go against your ex’s expectations and accept the break up without any crying or tears. Be the one who pushes your ex away and it seem as if you are the one who broke up with your ex, not the other way around.

After being separated, maintain a distance from your ex. Avoid contact with your ex during this period so that your ex would believe you are able to carry on with life alone. At the same time, you are likely to be emotionally unstable and would have cried by yourself after walking away from your ex. Making contact with your ex would only aggravate your feelings and you might be crying on the phone before you realize it.

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One of the biggest mistakes to make is to maintain close contact with your ex and be the slave. You tend to tell yourself that you are doing favours for your ex, who is still a friend, plus you are likely to win your ex’s favour. You thus convince yourself that continuing to be good to your ex would display your love. Unfortunately, such affection becomes a disadvantage to you, since your ex could easily and readily take advantage of you.

With the unpredictable human mind, doing something good should let you receive something good in return, in the sense that kindness should beget kindness. Unfortunately, when you are too kind to your ex, such as how you would pamper a child, you would only get a spoilt brat and things get out of your control.

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