How To Catch a Cheater

How to Catch a CheaterIn today’s world, how to catch a cheater has been included in many researches because infidelity is very widespread. There are some researchers say that there's a 50–50 chance today that one partner will have an affair during a marriage including non-physical relationships. There are also noted 27% of people who reported being happy in marriage admitted to having an affair. As such, this article will help those readers who are committed to a cheater but do not get to a point of catching him.

According to, over 62% of women said they think men cheat more than women.

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Catching them with their thing is not easy because most of the people tried very hard to ignore a partner’s infidelity because acknowledging it is too painful. There is also this saying, Love is never blind, it sees but it doesn’t mind. Just like some of the victims of cheaters, they know their partner is really getting different and the signs and gestures are very obvious, yet they disregard it and are trying to fill in the gaps. These and more help explain why the cheater’s partner is typically the last to know. It is not healthy to love without seeing the imperfections of the partner and change it. Being silent in the relationship means you are not taking enough care in the one you committed with and the reason for committing. Your cheating partner will continue doing what he’s been doing secretly not unless, you will find means and ways to stop him and his bunch of dishonesties. Here are some of the realistic keys to help you catch you cheating partner:

1. Get a Little Bit Sneaky
You need to find time where you can look at your partner’s cellular phone even for at least 15-20 minutes. Find a good time where you can get without him/her knowing it.

You can sneak in times like this:
- In the bathroom while on shower.
- The phone was left unaware and went to the store to buy something.
- talking over the telephone for too long.

  • When you finally get the phone, immediately browse on the call history to see who’s first on the list. Look at also the incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Record the entire phone numbers listed in the call history except of course if you are sure that you know who owns the number.

2. Know Who’s The Other ONE
Since you know the phone numbers listed on the phone history, you can detect the address and the name of the owner’s number. You can call one by one and tell your real intentions of calling them. Introduce yourself honestly and begin asking.

3. Trap Your Cheating Partner
This is the most actual and real on how to catch a cheater. The cheating partner can make no excuse anymore.

Inform your partner that you are going out of town. When the cheater is travelling, that’s the time you can trap him/her by saying you will not home for work. Wait and watch if no one comes home all night. He/she could be elsewhere or you might be surprised if the cheater brings home the other partner.

Learn How to Catch a Cheater Today!

4. Make a Fake Profile Online
This is just used for you to know if your partner will go online. Add him/her as your friend and once he/she accepted it, try to make chat with your partner letting him/her feel that you liked him/her. Wait and see for the response.

5. Monitor Your Partner’s Computer
These days, email and instant messaging is taking a big part of the way people communicate. If you want to monitor what your partner is doing while staying late at night on computers, you can download some tracking software that detects conversations done online.

It can make you go crazy when you finally discovered the infidelity of your partner. The pain is once again severe. It really hits your ego, your pride and of who you are as a person. How to catch a cheater is hard. It takes a lot of courage and will for you to do it. You may look crazy in doing those mentioned above but it is also a sign of love that you have for your partner why you are doing it. You want the infidelity to stop. You want the victim to realize the mistake that cause trouble to your relationship. You want your partner to know the consequences and most of all you want to do it for yourself and your integrity no matter how painful it is.

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