How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Catch Your Spouse TodayHow to catch a cheating spouse is a combination of setting the records straight and figuring out what his/her dirty little secret behind your back. Certain circumstances would give you a hint when a cheating spouse get caught, such as seeing a grown-up man cry, or a woman uncontrollably slaps her husband in front of many people. Those scenarios may indicate that infidelity is happening anywhere.

In every relationship, trust and communication are the two main ingredients for the relationship to work and last. Under the virtue of communication, it is important that couples are open enough to share their feelings and emotions. What makes it more exciting is you get to tell everything from your spouse what happens in you for a day and vice versa.

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Good communication allows openness and honesty to work in the relationship. On the other hand, under the virtue of trust, it is important to take care of this virtue as it affects completely the nature and foundation of the relationship. When your spouse is cheating, it is to be noted that TRUST is broken and the relationship will start to lose its track. How can you solve this to save the marriage?

Whether your spouse is cheating or not, when trust is broken, you have to immediately solve the problem to ensure that you and your spouse are back for good, happy and in love. When you have the gut feeling that your spouse is cheating, it is a different thing already. However, it is only through a solid proof that you can accuse your spouse of cheating or when they are caught and admitted they have an affair.

When your spouse has a changed in behavior these days, it means something, a cheating activity perhaps. You have to find it out. Here are some ways on how to catch a cheating spouse:

1. Set a trap
- Setting a trap means you have to make a lie, you have to tell your spouse that you are leaving for few days for work, but you are actually at your friend’s house, waiting for a strange happening between your spouse and the new love affair.

- Before leaving, place a recording device in your bedroom or near the telephone so that you can listen even when not at home.

- If your spouse fears of being talked about by bringing someone in the house, they might plan doing their little secret somewhere else. For you to know it, park your borrowed tinted friend’s car outside your house and when your spouse leaves, follow him/her.

2. Monitor spouse’s cellular phone.
- The best time that you can check the phone is when he/she is showering or he/she unconsciously left the phone.

- If you are about to open the unit and a password is required, then there’s something hidden on the phone.

- When you fortunately opened it, go directly on the call history. Look over those numbers whom he/she have been calling often and record it on your own phone.

- Browse also on the messages, inbox and sent messages. When there’s this unrecorded number of someone but keeps on texting sweet messages, be alert! Maybe that’s your spouse’s new love affair.

3. Monitor your spouse’s computer usage
- Observe when your spouse uses the computer late at night for an unusual amount of time.

- A cheating spouse can make use of emails, chat box and online site to communicate with his/her new love affair.

- You may see him/her installing a webcam for the computer. This makes the communication online exciting.

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4. Be careful of your spouse’s friends
- Your cheating spouse’s friends may not agree to what he/she has been doing, but they will still cover up those dirty deeds of your spouse.

5. Crumbs for bed
- When you have a cheating spouse, he/she may bring the new love affair when you are out for work in a couple of days.

- Make use of a crumb to be covered with a clean cloth and place it on the bed.

- When you went home and you see the crumb is not in place, and then something magical happened in your matrimonial bed when you were not around.

6. Get your friend to help
- Convince your friend to be used as a date to your spouse; and see if your spouse bites it.

- Contact your spouse and make friends with him/her until such time that a dinner date is proposed.

- Once they are in the place, it may be good if your friend is bringing a voice recorder so that everything your spouse said can be recorded.

7. Monitor financial accounts and savings
- Check your spouse’s credit card bills and ATM savings.

- If you find out that there are sudden increase of bills and frequent ATM savings withdrawals, then your spouse may be spending so much
to please the new love affair.

All these mentioned above ways on how to catch a cheating spouse doesn’t mean that you are going to become too suspicious in your married life. It is just that, you have noticed that your spouse is becoming too different, too far from what you have known him/her before, so as a caring partner, who gives more meaning to the relationship, find ways and means to figure out what is really happening. As mentioned above, trust is one of the main ingredients for the relationship to work. As such, when your spouse cheats, your trust is lessened. When you find an evidence for your cheating spouse, you are doing these things not to destroy the relationship but to solve the problem and start all over again.

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

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