How To Deal With Infidelity

The infidelity and the threat associated with is one big issue that threatens a marriage/relationship. As such, how to deal with infidelity is very important to learn, not only to control intense emotions, but also to solve issues that are worth saving for, or to end the relationship that from the beginning, it just didn’t grow and work.  

If your partner has always been unfaithful, and you unfortunately found it out, immediately the relationship will go into a crisis mode. This is actually a usual response from the cheated person because one of the essential components of marriage or relationship, which is TRUST, is broken into pieces. How can you trust your cheating partner when you have been so sure that he’s cheating on you with all of his lies and dishonesties?

True enough, marriage is just too wonderful to break because of infidelity. What the couples need to understand is that TRUST is the basis of all good and long lasting relationships. Infidelity is devastating not because of the sexual betrayal, but the given idea and fact of being lied. As I said, it will surely breaks the TRUST, and time, patience, wisdom and understanding are all needed to repair it.   

Understanding Infidelity
Infidelity happens because certain needs of each one are not met. It also happens out of bitterness felt towards the partner, or a need for freedom and adventure. Some reasons would include being neglected, unloved, and emotionally and physically hurt. You see, reasons are sometimes reasonable enough, and some are too irrational to believe. So whatever the reasons are, infidelity is already happening, so the biggest dilemma to take now is the question whether or not it is possible to repair the broken trust and HEART and move forward in the relationship after infidelity? There is no definite answer on this, what is essential is to know the truth: if both of you are willing to face and resolve the issues with all openness, sincerity and honesty, the relationship can be made more stronger than usual. So failure to those things can lead to separation and divorce.  

So no matter how big or small the issue on infidelity, the end will depend on your right attitude on how to deal with infidelity. The following tips are to make the cheated partner BRAVER enough.

A New Attitude:
So you it has synced in you that you have been hurt, you have been cheated, you have been neglected and you have been fooled. Grasp this reality and think about this many times. You may not be in your best emotional state right now but you need to take this step. You have to be aware of the sad reality, and in this way you will be able to love yourself more. The ways of dealing with infidelity is not about the cheaters, and it’s all about you and on how you will change for the better.

Have you ever thought of how do you look like at this time from frequent crying and screaming? Remember, this is all about YOU! If you have small kids to attend to, ask for a relative to take care for it in a while. Make yourself more attractive. Go into the parlor, buy affordable clothes and treat yourself with body SPA. Start exercising as well if you want. Sometimes, when we are in the relationship, we forget ourselves and think of our spouse/partners and children. We also need some time to give time for ourselves even just for one day. Feeling good is not that bad at all.  It will uplift your confidence and self-esteem.

My Time:
What are the things that you always want to do but have not done it because of getting focus on the relationship? Write down all the things you love to do such as YOGA, BAKING, PAINTING, MEETING FRIENDS, EXERCISING, etc.

When is the last time you had a date with yourself? When was the last time you sit on a couch and watch movies on your home? Take a place to sit and down and stay calm as you plan an action to talk with your cheating partner. Do this not once, but more than once so that you will have the chance to make the plans better. Once you have done the plan, it will help you more confident and in control of what is going to happen when you meet. You will be less emotional and have less mistakes when talking to him.

Have you done those above steps?  Meet him, and this time he must see you differently, a more confident, independent and happier person.

Now you meet, this time you have to be comfortable with him. Go on  a place that is quiet so that you can full talk about the issues. Remember, your conversation has to be ANGER-FREE and TENSION-FREE. Opening the topic must not be done by you, or if your partner is not really talking, you may initiate by saying, “Is there something you want to tell me?”, or “I believe you are seeing someone else, can we talk about it?” These can lead you to a good conversation rather than starting with, “Why did you cheat on me?” Or who’s the other one?” These are tension provoking questions that would lead to conflict.  

Once you are already exchanging thoughts, you have to arrive on a resolution whether the marriage/relationship has to be continued or to allow it to end. I believe this is the hardest part, but it takes time for you to decide. If you decided to reconcile, you have to see on your partner his efforts and willingness to get back with you, or else it should be ended. 

Back to a New Attitude:
Again, you have to understand that how to deal with infidelity is all about YOU, the one who has been hurt and cheated. If DIVORCE has been agreed, start to accept changes that can make you a better and happier person, more mature and independent. When you are ready, enter into another relationship bringing with you all the learned experiences. Never forget to always appreciate and love yourself.