How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back

Do Want Your Boyfriend Back?How to make your ex boyfriend want you back depends on how are you going to make him feel that way and how willing you are to take away all your pride and reach out to him.

Now, when you are asked and said yes to these questions, then you are still in love with him. Have you been trying hard to get over your ex boyfriend and end up calling him over the phone? Do you cry to sleep at night and wakes up crying again? Do you feel that it is not worth it to give up someone that you really love? Crying over him and trying to call him after a break up are normal instances that every girl from a break-up can relate to. But, to have a gut feeling that he is still worthy to be loved, then it is an indication that you really want your ex boyfriend to be back in your arms again.

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As what the quote said, LOVE is BLIND. So when you are still blinded by his love, your intense emotions will allow you to choose better options of how are you going to grab him, and keep him forever. For you, there’s no right or wrong. As long as you want him back, everything seems like to be perfect. If and when you give your best and failed to win him, don’t get despair, plans can be revised to be more effective.

Here are helpful tips for you to use on how to make your ex boyfriend want you back:

  • If you are hanging out with your friends to forget him, and you suddenly realize you and your ex boyfriend are on the same place, then try to avoid him as much as possible. Try to keep your space. If he comes and talk with you, don’t be blinded with him that you feel there’s a magic. Keep calm and make the conversation simple and steady as if you are not interested on him anymore. Don’t every try to stop him from going after your conversation. That will only indicate that you missed him. You just drive him away with your act.
  • Keep yourself beautiful and attractive always. When you see each other in groceries or shopping mall, he will be amazed with how you look. So he will be regretting that he would have never broken your heart.
  • Make him feel that your life is better without him. you can do productive activities such as enrolling yourself in a culinary class, get involve with social works, treat your family in a beach for a weekend.
  • Act as if you are hard to get. When he calls/texts you inviting for a dinner, reject the invitation telling him you are busy. But don’t be too hard to get because when guys know that they have no chance at all, they will find someone else. So when he asked you for a dinner again, say YES.
  • Be Self-Driven and Confident. Guys are much more in love with girls who are in control of their lives, who knows what to do and what they want.
  • Don’t try looking him in his eyes when you see each other or you hang out together, just look at his face and smile. When he asks you if there’s something wrong, answer him back and say, “None. Why, do you have a problem?”
  • Remember what he really liked from you from the start. If he got in love with your sweetness, then start it slowly by sending him sweet messages. When he texts back, don’t give a reply.

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  • When you leave after hanging out with friends, try not to say goodbye. He’ll go crazy for you.
  • Don’t try calling him, he will miss that.
  • When both of you are online and he started chatting with you, don’t reply in a rush; wait for at least 4-5 minutes. Don’t be too excited.
  • Cook for him and send it in their house. When he asks why you cook for him, just said, “I cooked in excess so I gave it to you”

Even if the tips seem to be giving you idea of rejecting your ex boyfriend, it is and will be effective as experienced by some significant others. Sometimes, it is much better to stop from being going crazy for the moment, and just allow your boyfriend to go crazy over you. How to make your ex boyfriend want you back can be a long but a funny experience. Don’t be too hard on your ex boyfriend when you know he is reaching out to you. If you will, maybe you will lose him once more, and the pain is much severe. So, take the tips mentioned above that are only applicable to you. Or when you plan to use all, then play rightly. Remember to keep your eye on the goal so as when you take each step, you will not lose track.

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