How to Mend a Broken Heart

Mend Your Broken Heart Today!For how long will it take you to return to your normal activity without pain? How to mend a broken heart needs to be understood so that you can be able to cope with life’s one of the most undesirable feelings, HEARTBREAK.

A broken heart can cause you much unbearable pain, as if your life has been cut by a knife. Your gym experience, cooking session, and weekly meeting with friends are no longer exciting and joyous for you. You started being lonesome. As they say, there’s no magic wand ever made that can erase you broken-heartedness. It’s a battle between you (your mind) and your heart because falling in love and hurting is all about you.

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It’s not about the other person. You still have the ability to be the same person before, the same person who knows how to smile and be with people. You are you and no one can take that away from you. You are still capable of falling in love all over again, maybe not with the same person, but with another person better than him. In other words, despite how you feel and what you're saying to yourself, you are going to fall in love all over again.

In every broken heart, two responses are common, the first would say, “I’ll never fall in love again”, and the other one says, “I can get through this, I will have my heart mend”. It’s obvious that we should take the second response.

How to mend a broken heart may take too long, as they say, TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS. But, will you wait for the time to heal it? Waiting for the time to ease the pain gets harder each day. As mentioned above falling and hurting is about you, as such, to mend a broken heart is also your responsibility and not because of time.

There are few points that you can do to have a remarkable free of pain. They were developed by people who have been in this pain and sought a better way to heal.

1. Try to understand why you are feeling that way. You have to understand that everything happens for a reason. It’s normal to feel that way but to see the view of the nature of loss; you can slowly understand why the relationship ended.

2. Don't blame yourself. At one point in our lives, everyone makes mistakes. Also remember that relationship is a responsibility of two people who shared love and connection.

3. Do something quiet and relaxing to help you feel better. Go shopping, body spa, pedicure, manicure, etc.

4. Think deeply if you are ready to accept the situation.

5. If you are, go ahead, call/text him. See him face to face through a casual dinner. If he turned down the invitation, don’t be discourage, at least you tried. He will appreciate the effort you made.

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6. Move on. If you are ready to open your heart again, find someone else to be with, someone better than him.

7. Smile and laugh often. These make a good relief from pain. Laughing with good friends and families make you realize that life is still good even without him.

8. Apply the 2-year rule. It takes 2 years to find a new job and it takes 2 years to mend a broken heart. When that time happens, do not remember what happened, keep moving forward and be ready for the next one coming.

9. Put away the memories. It will not help you to move on when you see him in a picture every day. You can be so sentimental and emotional, and the hurt will become more severe.

10. Replace the picture of him, with a picture of yourself. When you look at the picture, you can see yourself, beautifully made. You can even apologize to yourself of being too long mending your heart.

11. Practice being honest to yourself every day. Being honest means you admit that you are still hurting will help you find ways and means to forget him.

12. Read a book before you go to sleep. Inspirational books can be a good book. It will help you looking at the bright side and it can heal you.

13. Mingle with people. You can join online forum of people who have the same experience as you, mending broken heart. Talk with friends and go out with them.

How to mend a broken heart truly depends on you. No one can help you except yourself and how you look at things. When your heart is broken, it is not the end of your world. Everything happens for the good and you have to believe that. When you think he’s the one but he chose to break your heart, then HE’S NEVER THE ONE. Remember, we are entitled for our own happiness, life as what we make it. When we keep on dwelling on things that already happened, we are stagnating ourselves to happiness. Learn to accept things and be brave enough the second time you enter another relationship that’s for sure, mature and better. 

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