How to Talk to My Boyfriend

How to Talk to My Boyfriend GuideRelationships can be easy to initiate, but difficult to maintain. After talking so much with your boyfriend, sometimes you might feel you two have nothing further to say and you might wonder, “How to talk to my boyfriend?” However, that is not necessarily true. Not everyone has interests in everything, and not everyone displays their interest so easily. As the girlfriend with your own interests (that include your boyfriend), do your best to help him open up and find out what his interests are.

Your boyfriend may be one of the many males who act more than they speak.

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Being passive and quiet, he might be defensive about opening himself up all the way, even if you are his loved one. Go easy on yourself and him and touch on topics that are easier for both of you to understand. Or rather, touch on topics he is interested in, even if you do not have the same interest and have no idea at all what it is about.

It could be discouraging to know that he is likely to brag about sports when all you see are some men randomly running about on the grass patch, but if he can see something good out of, why not take this chance to learn more? The need to educate you on his interests gives him an excuse to get closer to you too.

If you want to play it safe and not disappoint him so easily, try going for general interests. Women are said to win the heart of men through his stomach. Try talking about having a meal out first, or going for dinner, then talk about what to eat and begin on your attempt to win his attention. Ask about what he likes and where he likes them and maybe why he likes them. Remember to add in the drinks, since it adds more to the meal and the conversation.

Music is another topic that is a general preference with many people. Would he be carrying with him a music player of sorts? What does he have in them? Listen to what he has and find out more of what he knows about them. Also find out what else he likes and why he likes them. It may not be what you like, since few people have the same interests in songs, but listening to them could help you indirectly learn more about his personality. Does he have hard rock songs in his player? Or does he go for gentle classical music? You might actually learn a lot about your boyfriend from his music.

There is one more item to consider when thinking about a topic to talk about with your boyfriend. When a man and a woman are attracted to each other, the natural instinct of reproduction found in every living being could have been involved. I mean you two would have been sexually attracted to each other to some degree. Find out how interested your boyfriend is in the subject of intimate interaction and consider satisfying what he may want. It would mean you have to open yourself up more than what you may really want, but if you have never had any intimacy with him before, a new experience could actually give you two something new to talk about.

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There are more than just these few things to think about to talk with your boyfriend. There are countless things out there in the world, and your boyfriend would most definitely have some interest somewhere. Do experiment and make trials and errors so that you could learn more about him.

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