I Miss My Ex Boyfriend

I Miss My Ex BoyfriendFor ladies that break up with your boyfriends, you might be thinking, “I miss my ex boyfriend.” Ladies are known to be more emotional than their male counterparts even if they tend not to express it as clearly, and you might need some help in getting over the loss of someone you hold dear. Holding in too much pressure might result in difficulties that involve your emotional well-being and mental stability that might indirectly affect your physical health.

Consider the following two steps to getting over your loss and recovering your initial vital self.

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One of the first things you should do is to forget your ex boyfriend. Keeping his memory alive and longing for more of the happiness you used to experience with him does not help you because you will keep thinking of his presence and want more of what he can give you… except that he will not be with you anymore. Do not keep asking for him only to be denied again and again, there is a need to face reality – he is no longer with you. After that, you need to remove any items you have that represent him, such as that CD you borrowed from him, or the pair of slippers he left at your house. If you have any items you left at his place like your hat in his room, do retrieve it from him. By having your rightful belongings returned, it would remove any sense of responsibility you have left towards each other.

Remember the pictures you and your ex boyfriend took together at the beach or at Polaroid machines? Some people would recommend you remove them or destroy them. Some would recommend you keep at least these items that can be put away in a dark corner of your life, so that you could still retain memories that are happy. It should really depend on your condition. Should you feel too desperate to fill the gap in your heart and the photographs you have only bring tears, you might want to remove them from your possession to help you overcome your loss.

Next is to move on with life. Just because a man has walked out of your life does not mean the world has come to an end. Your family, your friends, your colleagues and (most irritably) the government will be there demanding the attention you have diverted to your ex boyfriend. You would need to continue the work you have committed yourself to such as the orphan’s project that is still unfinished and still need to be completed before the orphans could have a proper roof above their heads. You would need to continue your studies to obtain your needed qualifications or go back to work to maintain your payroll and upkeep an amount in your bank account. Even if your heart has no appetite for food, your body still needs the nourishment.

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On a brighter note, you now have more freedom to do more things. Now that you have no more responsibilities to your ex boyfriend, you are able to spend your time doing other things in life, such as participating in beauty pageants that your ex boyfriend wouldn’t condone because he thinks beauty pageants are superficial. If previously you thought he was boring and snobbish (oh don’t worry, we won’t tell!) you could now set your mind at ease and seek someone with a better personality instead.

Do not let yourself be chained down by your emotions just because of one failed relationship, or because of many failed relationships. It just means that you have not found the right person yet and you need to search some more. Do not give up yet, if romance is what you long for, then look for the best person there is on earth!

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