Insecurity in Relationships

Stop Feeling Insecure Today!Small fry jealousy spices up the relationship but abusing it may not be normal anymore. Jealousy is one of the sign of insecurity in relationships. Some people think too much jealousy as a good sign but it’s not. Too much jealousy can make your partner feel overly possessed by you. So the question is why does jealousy arises? Jealousy arises when we are afraid that our partner will leave us for another person. Also, we think that we are not good enough for our partner.

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Although jealousy is not the main factor, there other reasons why insecurity arises and they are as follows.

  • Low self esteem
    Some people may feel that they are not good for you because of their flaws. Because of our flaws, we tend to forget the other side of us that makes us beautiful, it may be inside or outside.
  • History of cheating
    If you have a history of having an affair while in a relationship, well, expect that your partner tends to be somewhat strict with you. Your partner might be a little paranoid especially when you look or glance at other girls or even caught you doing some things behind her.
  • Beauties around
    We cannot deny the fact that this world we are living in have a lot of beautiful faces to share. Insecurity will start when we see ourselves as ugly and kept on looking on the magazines. We would end up saying “How I wish I am as beautiful as her”. Looking at other people’s looks won’t make us feel better. Remember, each of us has its own beautiful side and we people just can’t appreciate it. Also, once our partner loves us, it means that we are loved both inside and out.

Another problem is when you are in a long distance relationship. You will probably think that your partner is surrounded with beautiful girls and he might leave or break up with once he will fell in love with that girl. In this type of scenario, trust plays the part. Trust your partner and the relationship will grow. Doubt your partner and the relationship will fall.

First of all, we cannot deny the fact that looks play an important part in a relationship. You can be a bit vain on yourself. Make yourself look good when you’re with your partner. Surprise him with new and cool looks. This only means that even you and your partner are already in a relationship for a long time, you should not forget to take care of yourself the way you take care of your partner.

Stop Feeling Insecure Today and Become a Woman Men Adore!

Another important point is that never ever concentrate on the negative side of you. Every human being has its own unique beauty as well as flaws. Remember, your partner chose you because of you being you and not someone else.

When we were young, we tend to keep all those precious things we have in a safer place because we are very much afraid that we will lose it. But we are already adult and mature. Don’t let the insecurity in a relationships reign. Let your partner live his life as he used to be. He needs to grow and become more mature. Gripping him too tight would only make him break free even more.

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