Jealousy in Relationships

Let's Stop Jealousy Today!Any people who are in a relationship would probably have a red-eyed monster 'creeping in their minds. Now, what is that green- eyed monster I am talking about? Yup, it is called jealousy in relationships. Jealousy is the culprit of insecurity and the master of immaturity. In spite of its greatness, no one would ever admit that the “creepy monster” existed within them. Some are very much expert in suppressing jealousy. But no matter how great we are in avoiding it, we just can’t evade the feeling of jealousy. The worst part is we let ourselves be conquered by it, believing that your partner created a crime in spite of his / her innocence. On the later part, it makes your esteem and confidence so low.

Stop Jealousy And Be A Woman Men Adore!

But a little jealousy adds up a little spice in our relationship for it tells us that our partner still cares and loves us. On the other hand, whatever the cause of jealousy, it may be right or wrong; it may sometimes affect the bond of your relationship with your partner if it is too much, too immature or too irrational. Now the big question is how you deal with jealousy without putting your relationship in danger. Let’s find out.


The basic thing you have to do for yourself before entering a relationship is self awareness. You should be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. If you are already in a relationship, you have to talk with your partner about your strengths and weaknesses. Once your strengths and weaknesses were still kept within you, it will grow into insecurity. It is like a virus that slowly spreads to your system that will lead to jealousy. A jealousy that does not originate from feelings but a jealousy that comes from insecurities within you.

Putting yourself down makes your self esteem so low. Having a low esteem or confidence to yourself can make you wonder about what made your partner attracted to you. You will start to think that, later on, your partner will meet someone better than you, leave you, and makes you even more paranoid. Having that kind of thought will wake up the red-eyed monster within you. This is the time when you will start to question the actions of your partner and seek for his time and attention. A lot of questions will pop in your mind which is irrational. It would be unfair if you keep on blaming or accusing your partner for things which he / she is innocent.

What to do?

Now the question is how you stop the monster in your head from multiplying. It is very basic. Open up with your partner. Start with telling your partner how you feel for him or how you love him. Then, since he / she is important to you, inform him with the feelings you are feeling as well as the insecurities you are holding. With this, it can make your relationship even stronger.

Stop Jealousy And Be A Woman Men Adore!

Once you have said everything about your insecurities and issues, your partner will now understand you. This time he / she will reassure you that he / she is not waiting for someone better than you and he / she will tell you that he love you for who you are. He/she loves you and you do too. It is very simple. Jealousy in relationships will destroy you. So stop thinking about your partner will leave you. Be satisfied with what you are right now and focus on how both of you will strengthen your relationship even more.

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