Marriage Counseling Questions

Save Your Marriage Today!Marriage counseling helps in thoughtful decisions about re-establishing the relationship. Marriage counseling questions play a biggest role in the counseling in order for the couples to address their problems and improve their relationship.
Before going through counseling, preparedness is very important. You should know what to expect and happen to lessen nervousness during the session. In this way, the couples can comfortably answer questions and eventually bring out the issues between them.

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These are the typical questions that couples will encounter in counseling:

1. What are the issues?
There could be a lot of issues that disturb the marriage, but couples are required
to know them specifically. Issues may include:
- Finances
- Communication
- Work priorities
- In laws conflict
- Intimacy
- Diseases
- Fertility
- Infidelity
- Child rearing/discipline
- Personality differences
- Bad habits

These issues may look small but it can be linked to a greater problem if couples just fight for years over these issues without knowing the significant cause.

2. Which issues rank 1st and last?
Once problems are identified, a therapist can help a couple prioritize them and to begin dealing with them. The couple may disagree of what comes 1st and next. For example, the wife believes that money is of top importance while the husband is siding more on intimacy. They have different reasons of choosing them but with a counselor, acting as a mediator can help by identifying which issues to tackle first and then the rest will be prioritized.

3. How do you feel about the issues, and why?
Allowing both the couple to share their views on each issue can be of help to
understand their dilemma and on how to deal with it.

A husband might not be aware that his wife hates it when he’s been going home late playing basketball with friends, while the wife is unaware that his husband doesn’t like her wife’s weekly meeting with friends. Both behaviors are not proper. The couple should know how to help each one understand what is happening in their marriage, and should be willing to make changes. The counselor can help them with this problem.

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4. What do you want to change to improve things?
The counselor can be of help by asking the couples suggestions what are
needed to change in the relationship. A husband may lessen basketball games, from 3 days straight, cut down to a weekly game. If the wife has weekly meeting with friends, she agrees to do it every 2 weeks. Changes like these will help improve the relationship.

5. Do you have a back-up plan?
When we are having a strategic plan, we always include doing some back-up plan to take part when the original plan fails. Failure can happen when there are unexpected obstacles, change in circumstances and a heavy plan.

When the couples’ PLAN B also failed, they should also do PLAN C. This is very normal as long as the couples try to do the plan together and knows how to get it right.

Different styles of finding necessary answer can also be part of Marriage Counseling Questions that also elicit necessary information from the couple:

  • Reporter question. This includes question starting with WHAT, WHERE, WHEN as it answers facts.
  • Descriptive question. This can elicit answers that describe a certain scenario. It usually starts with HOW.
  • Questions asking for narratives or chronological order. This can get a timeline answer. The answers from the questions are usually in order and are enumerated one by one.

Every marriage will not always be smooth sailing, but you can do something to maintain and enhance your beautiful relationship through marriage counseling. One session is not enough to resolve an issue. Marriage counseling questions are positive way to identify problems and these will continue to investigate in issues you and your partner are facing. Questions are considered effective if couples are honest and open enough about their faults and problems, and they are ready to explore their feelings as well. Your therapist is your guide for decision making and problem solving techniques but effectiveness of all these will most likely depend to you and your partner.

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