How to Make No Contact Rule Works For You?

Discover The No Contact Rule Right Here!Do you truly understand the meaning of the no contact rule? In order to make the no contact rule works for you in your broken relationship, you have to really stop all contact means of reaching out to your ex partner. I understand that you will definitely go through an emotional roller coaster ride and you will feel the urgency to reach out to your ex partner to explain that you still love him or her through any means of contact such as calling straight through the use of a phone, texting through cellphone or facebook chat or even emailing from your email account. Don’t you think that it is important to let someone who is angry or sad to cool down first before trying to bombard them with more information?

Discover The No Contact Rule Right Here!

If you do not understand what I am trying to get to you about the importance of no contact rule, let’s us face another similar scenario about how do we actually make a machine work again for you. When a machine is in a state of overheating, It is advisable to let it cool down first before getting it to work but during the time when you are letting it to cool down, you are not supposed to tell the machine what to do as it might not even bother about your command as it has been a overheated state. Therefore, just like a relationship when both parties are in a state of overheated discussion or argument, it is advisable to let both sides cool down first without any means of communication within a period of time.

One thing you have remember is that we have no control over how someone will feel about us and usually people do not like others to tell them how they should feel about you. This is why you have to truly understand the importance of the No Contact rule as it provides your ex partner a chance to actually think through properly without having you to convince them. Most likely, if things are not handle properly when you are trying to contact your ex partner, you might accidentally cause the relationship to go in the wrong direction instead of trying to save it.

So, what should you be doing during the time when the no contact period is in action? You have to learn how to cool yourself down too as during this period, you might be jealous seeing your ex partner going out with another person. During the no contact period, you have to start preparing yourself and heal your heart from the break up. What you truly need to understand is what has caused the relationship to go into such a state, is it because of the negative emotions from the life stress that has slowly deteriorating your relationship? You have to think through how did your ex partner first accepted you as a partner, do you honestly feel that you are still the same person that will show the love that you once have in the relationship?

Remember this, to make the no contact rule works for you, you have to give your ex partner some time and space to think whether they want you in their life. Personally, I know the no contact rule is not going to be easy for you. However, trust me, in order to make your relationship work again, you need to stop showing the “I need you” feeling. The no contact rule works only when you stop demanding for it and start attracting the love back to you.

Discover The No Contact Rule Right Here!