Saving a Relationship

Saving a RelationshipIf both the man and the woman want to continue loving each other and staying together, saving a relationship will most probably be easy for them. A man and a woman are different, from their physical selves to their personalities, and conflicts can be expected. One question is whether you and your lover are willing to compromise.

Being two different people, each of you would live different lives. You need to stay filial to your parents, ensure the well-being of your families, protect your jobs and handle undeserved and unnecessary stresses from the government. By the time you return to the company of your loved one, you may have become too exhausted to think about anything further, thereby unintentionally neglecting your loved one. These “acts of neglect” add up, and eventually, it may overwhelm your partner, leading to misunderstandings and other undesirable outcomes.

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Two people who are committed seem to have a tendency to take each other for granted. You should take steps to remind each other how you still love and prioritise each other in your hearts, and then prove it with your actions. Remember, also, to say it to each other, reassuring each other that you want to be together and you want to live on happily.

One step would be the children. As young children require a lot of attention from their parents, you and your spouse might not be given as many chances to show love to each other, unlike before. Finding someone to help take care of the children on alternate days or once a week would free you and your spouse to do whatever you fancy, of which would likely include a loving time with each other. Do consider a place that would stimulate romance, encourage civil speech, and could sooth any tensions both of you may have with each other.

When having such private days becomes pleasurable and desirable, both of you may want to continue planning more of such days to spend with each other. For such days, you could list down the things you wish to do, whether it is one person’s wish, or both of yours. It could be going to the theme park you used to visit, or the movies to laugh out loud, or even a romantic stint that must be censored and cannot be written here. Each of you has your own desires that the other person may not enjoy, but both need to remember about giving and taking in a relationship.

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Showing love is but one way to show, well, love. Sometimes, the best way for friends to get along is to fight, and by making list of what both of you err in, you two would be able to voice your frustrations. Both of you will be alerted that something is wrong and could take action before things go out of hand. There is a need, though to accept listening to these frustrations and criticisms with an open mind and not push aside each other’s opinions because of pride or arrogance.

Continue to communicate with each other, never forgetting to talk, and cherishing all those precious moments together would pave way to a better, closer relationship.

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