Second Chance Romance

Get Your Second Chance Romance Today!No matter how completely hopeless the relationship is, second chance romance is still possible. Yes it’s true and only you can make it happen, listen to your heart, feel the magic and be ready again for the romance you once started. I know the breaking up gives you all the reasons to be hurt, but breaking up doesn’t mean it’s the total end of the relationship, sometimes, it’s giving you space and time to think whether the relationship should end that way or it is still worth it to give it a second chance, to reconcile and to reconnect again.

It’s really been hard to find an idea for a second chance once you have been hurt badly, you go over grieving.

Get The Second Chance You Deserved Today!

However, there are people who cannot wait for the time to heal them, they themselves find the way to heal and find the love back. Once you are ready, you cannot just simply say I LOVE YOU STILL and all will be back to normal, like what you and your partner used to. It’s hard to start especially when you are getting all the pressures from family and friends, saying that he or she once broke your heart and don’t let him or her do it again. However, no matter what they say, you cannot live to meet every expectation they have for you, you will be able to live and love when you make decisions not out of other’s mind but out of what your heart is telling you. When you have that burning desire to get him back, and the desire for a second chance, then try doing so. When you were hurt before, you already know what went wrong on the relationship and what your faults were.

Knowing Yourself Once More
It is true that we know ourselves more when we enter into a relationship or we experience break up. From that point, in as much as you want to solve the issue and make love for a second chance, you feel you need to reassess yourself. You try to look on why the relationship ended that way and you think of your attitudes toward your partner and to the relationship. When you are controlling and you want your partner to be always with you, limiting him on meeting with friends, when you are insecure that you feel as if you are not well loved and cared, when you are a nagger, when you do not know how to accept ideas of him, and when you always want to decide, then it’s time for you to realize that you are part of the reason why the relationship ended. You can only realize your attitude when you reflect on things after a break up. This is still not the end, this is actually the time you can change it in order for you to become better and for you to be ready in getting a second chance romance from your ex partner.

This is Not Totally Your Fault
Although your attitude can be a factor why the relationship ended, you must also look back on your partner. How was he or she when the relationship is going elsewhere? Was he or she a good partner? Did he or she give you all the love and care you deserve? Did he or she cheat on you even once? Both of you can have faults on the relationship, maybe you have not taken enough care of it that’s why it ended.

Establishing a New Foundation
Although you have known each other so well, you cannot easily jump into a second chance romance easily. Once you have known yourself well and you know the faults why the relationship ended, you can start friendship with your partner as possible. A solid relationship is not build overnight, it takes time, but the process can help both of you to know each other well. This is the exciting part since you are learning new about your partner, as if he or she just met you days ago. You can be best of friends with as it will build a great relationship in the future despite of the problems you will encounter.

Invite Your Partner More Often
Inviting him or her to go with friends or in a party can help you remove the discomfort you have from him. It helps you slowly to be reunited again with your partner comfortably and openly. Talking anything over coffee is also a good way to start. For sure you have a lot of things to catch up.

Get The Second Chance You Deserved Today!

Love is Staring to Grow... for The Second Time.
It is true that love can start from friendship especially when both of you are already comfortable, opening and sharing thoughts with each other. You started to fall in love with each other after that strong foundation you once again started. You feel you are so secure with your partner and his or her love for you even as friends. You start to change your whole you and your heart starts to open again for him or her. Second chance is in the air feeling that you will be with each other on the worst and good times of your lives.

Back for Good
Now you have been with each other’s arms again. That’s the best feeling! Remember, you have given the second chance, and you are entitled to take care of the relationship. Be best of friends, and remove all the negative attitudes you and your partner had before. Continue nurturing each other. When problem comes, stick together as you decide what’s best. Stay in love forever, that’s possible.

You pick up the pieces after the break up. You stood up again. You allow your heart to heal. You have to assess yourself. You accept the faults that both of you have. You made an effort to establish friendship again. You both feel love, and the magic starts again. Remember, as much as you want to get back together, when you are not willing, and then it will never happen. It takes courage for a man or woman to face the heartbreak and stand up again to get ready for the second chance. Truly, love is lovelier for a second chance romance. Not only because you are to love again, but because you have become strong and a better person with much love and understanding on your heart.

Second Chance Romance

Will you cherish the love if you got a second chance?

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