She Broke My Heart

How To Get Her BackFeeling sadness is to be human. A person can easily experience countless things in life, and with emotions in a person, feeling sadness when breaking up with your ex girlfriend would naturally make you think, “She broke my heart.” Do not think that it is the end of the world or that you have nothing left. Stay positive and strong and you would find that there are many important things in life as well.

The grief and sorrow you feel can be difficult to bear. It was a relationship that took much effort from you and your ex girlfriend was the person who took your heart. Depending on your situation, you might even think she had torn your heart to pieces.

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How badly it hurts depends on how badly you are taking it and what type of relationship you two had before. Some of you might have practically given your life to entering a relationship with your girlfriend, or she might have been like a saviour to you, bringing the love back to your life. With all your heart, you cherish her, love her, and give her whatever she had desired. In return, she gave you the love, attention and faith you wanted. Now that things have taken a turn for the worse, you might find all those days of happiness lost and your heart feels like it could just explode from the pain.

Go ahead and spend time to grieve. With emotions running high, trying to dispel it will be very difficult and might be dangerous. Allow yourself to cry as you wish, even if it must be done in private from the eyes of the world who think all men are, and must be, born with nerves of steel. Even the strongest will cry or have cried before, and the only person who knows no sadness is one who never knew happiness. Crying and feeling sadness shows that you appreciate the joyous times you had with your ex girlfriend and that you have a heart.

During this period, your sadness might be displayed via more than just your facial expressions. You might feel it through your body that seems too heavy to move, or your mind has become sluggish and slow to think or act logically. When you sit in front of your desk with a pile of work, you pick up the pen and write “The” in order to start, but cannot write anything further. When you know you need to eat or you might suffer from gastric, you just have no appetite to chew and stomach anything. Do your best to stay strong and think more positively. Consider looking to others for help and advice, and if you or your family and friends think you are suffering from a serious case, they might send you to a counsellor for help. Do not resist them, although it is likely you are in a state where you could care less about everything.

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When suffering from heartbreak, try to find out what you should take to heart and what you should not. The loss of a lover is not necessarily the end of your life because there are still many other people who love and need you. It may just be that you haven’t noticed them. Give yourself time to get over your loss. Just as physical wounds need time to heal; your heart would need time to recover. When things finally get together again, let yourself be free and look towards a better future instead of dwelling on the past.

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