Signs of a Cheater

Signs of a cheater can vary widely from one person to another, so it is very important that this article will be giving basis on how can one know that his/her partner is really cheating or not.

Loving someone has its own risks to take, thus, making humans more susceptible to getting hurt. One of the most hurtful things your partner can do to you is cheating or should I say infidelity. Infidelity is one of the most feared problems in relationships. Yes, having an infidel partner really sucks and makes you feel so stupid because cheating took hold of my life before. I wasn’t even aware that it was happening already. I was going on with my life blissfully but didn’t expect that there was something wrong; believing everything was going smoothly between us. And then one day, I was so shocked. It was over. Without even explaining what went wrong. I was so confused, sad, angry, betrayed and abandoned. I don’t want you to experience what I have felt for I believed that it’s better to know than to end up being the last to know. So, to avoid such pain, here are some helpful signs to spot the ratty boyfriend/ girlfriend before you let yourself fall for all his lies.

SPOTTED: Emotional and Physical Distance

Does your partner all of a sudden call you less frequently? Has he has been a bit off with you lately? Can you still remember the last time you were intimate with each other? Has your partner has been a bit cold with you lately?

Emotional and physical distance is considered as the number sign of cheating. This includes your partner’s attitude towards you changed gradually or he/she is less interested in you or he/she became withdrawn from you. Your partner will try to shove you away by evading you, disregarding you, closing off communication or walking away.

SPOTTED: More Time Out

The cheating partner usually spends more time outside. Most of his/ her excuses for being out are reports over times, long working hours, meetings, business trips, or even trainings and seminar.

SPOTTED: Dress to Impress

There’s nothing wrong with grooming and wanting to look good but when it’s a sudden change of looks, be careful. Your partner might probably start to make an effort in the looks department. This is one definitive signs of a cheater. Men and women tend to buy themselves new clothes when they are interested to someone. These actions only shows that they want to look good for their new interest. Sudden change in physical appearance not only covers the dressing part, but also giving time and effort in becoming fit like weight reduction, works out at the gym and other sudden fitness deeds.

SPOTTED: Strange Calls, Texts and E-mails

Of course, if you are having an affair, you tend to stay in touch with that person. Now, pay attention to the way he/she answers the call and observe how he/ she respond on phone calls or even texting. He/she will show signs of being avoidance when answering phone calls. If you will check his phone, you will notice that all of his sent items are deleted; even received or dialed calls are squeaky clean.

Another scenario is when you suddenly walk into the room; he/she closes chat windows or the laptop screen itself and seems not at ease. Is he/she trying to conceal his/her communication with someone? Possible. If curiosity gets the better of you, try to search up history to see if you can find somewhat and if it has been deleted, you know he/ she has something to hide.

There are also other signs of a cheater. Those signs written above are just common signs. If your partner does not show any signs that are said above, it does not guarantee that he/ she is not cheating. It is only you who can see, feel and discover the deceptions by reading between the lines of your relationship’s unique situation.