Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Cheating Spouse SignsSigns of a cheating spouse are not all the time visible. It can become unnoticed at times especially when your spouse is too expert to find excuses and hide it away from you. However, no matter how good they are at hiding their dirty little secret, time will allow you to see and notice it, even how big and small the signs are. Remember, there no secrets that cannot be revealed.

We all know that separation happens almost all of the married couple now a day, and the reason for such is third party, new love affair or termed as INFIDELITY.

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No matter how good you are on your spouse, there comes a time that they cannot be contented being with you, so they more likely find another partner, more exciting than you. That really hurts and cut deep inside. This is really a sad reality in today’s world that many have been cheated and are left blinded with their spouse’s hidden agenda. Nothing happens when you just allow yourself to be blinded without doing something. Here are the signs of a cheating spouse that you may or may not notice all the time but are highly indicative of cheating.

1. Regular Work Habits Change
When you find out that your spouse is always getting late for work, usually goes for overtime, or there are frequent business trip, then it could be a sign. Do not ever disregard.

2. Change in Appearance
You may be surprised when your spouse suddenly change how he/she looks including his/her hair cut, style of clothes and perfume usage. A change in appearance may indicate that your spouse is trying to be one of the single men out there dating girls whenever they want. This may also indicate that maybe his/her new love affair make him/her want to change his/her style.

3. “We are Just Friends”
If your spouse is spending more time with this new “friend” on a weekend together with some cold friends, then there is probability that what is between them is more than friendship. Your spouse may feel warmth to this friend and are comfortable in sharing conversation with him/her. This is a warning sign. Remember, lovers started as friends.

4. A Sudden Need For Privacy
When you commonly share same things like before and suddenly your spouse becomes different, then there’s something wrong with him/her especially when you find out that his/her cellular phone and computer are locked and needs password to open it.

5. Spending a Large Amount of Time on the Computer
In today’s world, with modern technology, computer is one of the means of communication through chat and emails. You can stay connected with other person as long as you want. So when your spouse are having long hours spending the nights on computer, he/she maybe chatting online or looking at pornographic websites. That can be alarming!

Catch Your Spouse in Cheating Actions!

6. Secretive Phone Calls and More Time Spent on the Phone
This is very common to happen in a third party. It is very obvious that your spouse maybe cheating when he/she murmurs when talking over the phone and eyes are looking around, as if someone is spying on him/her.

7. Change in Sexual Contact
There can be a two form of change. Your sexual contact may become rare or because of guilt, sexual contact is frequent.

Finding out that you have been cheated can make you go crazy. You tend to find yourself looking for some excuses for your spouse's irrational behavior. Your intuition is really one of the best indicators that something is wrong. But if you keep it inside to cover up the wrongdoing, then you are slowly destroying the relationship. If you suspect your spouse that he/she might be cheating on you through the mentioned above signs of a cheating spouse, then do some investigation and confront him/her about what you've found. It may be painful but lies from your spouse can be expected. Ask for an honest answer and when the answer is YES, do something not for the relationship alone but also for the both of you. A relationship will only be lasting when you accept the fact about the changes you must do and when you learn to forgive, forget and start all over again.

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