Signs of Cheating in a Relationship

How to Catch a Cheating SpouseAfter the news of Tiger Woods’s extra-marital affair, couples around the world may have become more sensitive to their partners’ faithfulness. You might be worried that your partner had been unsatisfied or was lured away. Here are some signs of cheating in a relationship that may give you some hints, but note that they are merely possibilities – never jump to a conclusion until you find out the truth.

If your partner is secretly making phone calls or moves out of your hearing range when a phone call is received, it might raise your suspicion. It would be an exception if it is your partner’s habit to privately answer calls every time. If your partner is deliberately ensuring you cannot hear their conversation, there would be something they could be hiding, and the first thing to come to mind is a contact with another lover. However, also note that when you are planning a surprise party for your partner, you would also take your call out of your partner’s hearing range.

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If your partner has never been one who dresses up or has always been sloppy with dressing, suddenly wearing a fresh change of clothes to look different from usual could hint at a change in feelings. As could be suspected, when your partner is meeting someone new, dressing up to look better would come to mind. However, also note that when a person enters severe depression, one could do anything drastic, and an entire change of fashion taste would be the least of your worries.

If it seems like you and your partner have been getting into arguments more frequently, your partner may be deliberately creating trouble for you, making you walk away or giving your partner an excuse to move out of your presence. During this period, your partner is alone, and once alone, things can be done without your knowledge, such as meeting another lover. Conversely, your partner may be trying to find chances to get drunk, something that could not be done with you around in case you get harmed by your partner’s drunken stupor. His recent hot-temper could also be due to trouble at work, which means he had not been intentionally creating trouble for you.

If you find your partner lying, do watch out that no harm comes to your relationship! By lying that the ladies’ perfume on his shirt was from a colleague who sprayed too much that day at work, he might be hiding the fact that he has a secret affair with some other woman. Lies may be harmful as it weakens the trust between you and your partner, however, it is more important to find out why your partner lied instead of concentrating on how he has been untrustworthy. It may be possible he had bought a new bottle of perfume for you as a birthday present.

If you find your partner spending an increased amount of time on the computer, particularly when you are not around or when you are not looking, your partner might be making online contact with someone. It has become much easier to contact your friends over the computer now with instant messaging services and online calls, and with a click of a button you could easily hide and delete evidence of whom you were communicating with. Before you start accusing him of secretly seeing someone online, however, ensure that your partner’s boss has not given him a secret project to work on, where confidentiality is of the utmost importance.

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Have you been noticing that your friends are acting differently? Or do you notice that they become awkward when speaking about your partner? It may be possible that they know something and are hiding it from you. One of the first things a person would worry about is whether their partner is having an affair, thus the need for your friends to avoid you. However, when your partner and your friends are secretly planning a birthday party for you, they would also act strangely and awkwardly.

A very painful thing that your partner could do to you is to accuse you of having an affair. When someone is guilty of something, that person may try to shun the blame or accuse someone else of being guilty to redirect any suspicion on him. If he is accusing you of having an affair, one might think he is one having the affair. Do note, though, that anybody and every body can become suspicious and try to find out if their partners are having a secret affair or not, just like how you are now reading these possible signs.

People act in many different ways for many different reasons. Even if ten people have extra-martial affairs, it does not mean all of them will display all of the above signs. Some may display other signs not suggested here, while some may not display any hints at all! However, remember not to come to any conclusion without ensuring that what you know is the truth.

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

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