Signs of Unhealthy Relationship

Stop Unhealthy Relationship Here!Signs of unhealthy relationship, is it good or bad? Every one of us have high hopes in the beginning of relationships, may it be romantic relationships, friendship, marriage, or professional relationships. Sometimes these high hopes of ours cause us to be blind and unaware to the potential problems we should see. There are many signs of unhealthy relationships and we must keep our eyes open for them so that we can fix the problem that can lead to broken relationships.

Do you know a person who does not want you to come to his place? Most people are proud to invite you to into their home once a relationship between both of you has been established. If your partner is not inviting you to his home and enjoys all the time in your home, this might be cause to investigate further. Perhaps they might live in a less than suitable environment, or is embarrassed by his surroundings, but it does not hurt to ask.

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If you feel that you are the only one starting a conversation or do the talking all of the time is another issue. There are many people who do not lie, but instead they fail to tell you anything. A secretive and quiet person should be watched carefully. While some people are just private people, but feeling like your partner is like a stranger is a sign that he may be hiding something from you.

Lying, cheating, manipulating are serious red flags. Catching your partner lying just for once is enough cause for you to evaluate or even end your relationship. Many people lie for good reasons, but many also lie in order to hide or cover the truth. If you have suspicion that your partner is lying, there is a big chance the he truly does lie to you. Human nature gives us the natural instinct to perceive lies from truth. Manipulation is another big flag. If your partner is trying to manipulate you, or talk to you on doing things that is out of your nature and principle, stop and think. No person should ever ask you do to something that you are uncomfortable with. A person who talks down to you are another warning sign n a relationship. A person should look at you equally and belittle you in any way. If your partner is talking down to you, then it just shows that he do not respect you. Respect is an essential building rock for every foundation in any relationship and without it you cannot grow together as partners, especially as human beings.

A partner who chooses to isolate you from your world of friends, family and other significant persons that is important to you is a dangerous sign. Your friends and your family are your support network and should not be set aside from you by your partner. It is normal to spend a fair amount of time together in the beginning of a relationship, but a partner who does not want you to socialize to the world is a serious bad sign. This kind of behavior from your partner has a high tendency of turning into abusive behavior later on as the relationship last longer.

There is a lot to show about the person on how they treat animals. A person does not need to like animals, but one who is cruel to a helpless creature will generally be cruel to the less helpless as well. If you have a partner who is cruel or is hurtful towards animals, you should end your relationship. The same hoes for the way your partner treats a child. Pay attention to the way your partner interacts with the child or to those who are less capable than themselves.

There are so many signs in a relationship that has harmful potential. If something makes you uncomfortable, you should evaluate the situation appropriately and immediately. You should never put a feeling aside until it goes away because your human instincts are usually trying to tell you something is not right. No partner is worth sacrificing your self, or endangering your integrity as a person. Do not be blind to the signs of unhealthy relationship.

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