Stages of Relationships

Stages of RelationshipsThere are several stages of relationships to face while you are going through them personally in your life. Knowing what to expect, how to identify issues, what to do to resolve them, how to make use of good times, and how to prevent accidents could help you improve your relationship.

The first stage of being in a relationship would mostly been the most exciting in your life. This is where courtship takes place between you and your partner, where dates are arranged, and intimate times are shared. This is where you and your partner would show the best of yourselves to each other and do all you can to win each other over.

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This romantic stage would be like a dream, where everything seems perfect and your partner seems beautiful as well. Everything is a new experience to you and your partner and you might be bale to tolerate any setbacks or differences.

The next stage tends to become more difficult, with conflicts starting to occur and the differences between you two are starting to wear you down. You may become more sensitive to the things your partner does or says, and when he does not agree with your way of seeing things, you might lose your temper more quickly. This is where you would want to go slower in your relationship and be more gentle and tolerant of your partner. It is possible that you have taken your partner for granted and hold expectations of how your relationship would work out.

Do remember that you are not alone in your difficulties. If you were to ask the people you know, they might share with you stories about other people who also faced the same difficulties. If you were to search online, you might find others who also share the same difficulties. Speak to them and learn from them how they managed to endure and keep their relationship, and also share with them your problems to lighten your burden. Most of all, look to the person closest to you – your lover - to share your burden and find solutions together.

The third stage is where you finally come to terms with your relationship and can finally accept your partner’s habits, reactions, preferences – your partner’s entire personality. It would be a sweet achievement for you and your partner when you both reach this stage and can feel that your love for each other is strong and true.

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The last stage requires commitment from you, where you two decide, together, that your relationship is worth it and you two want to do something to live it to its fullest. It could mean setting a goal together and working towards it, giving your all to achieving what you two want. Each sacrifice is worthwhile as you look at your partner also making the same sacrifices for you and you both know things will work out well in the end.

There are many couples who may not move smoothly from the first stage to the last stage, but it does not mean it will not work out. With more difficulties faced and overcome by the couple, their bonds become stronger and they tend to have stronger love.

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