Topics to Talk About with Your Boyfriend

Discover What Topics To Talk About With Your Boyfriend Here!Whether you just started dating or even in a relationship for so long, there are times we get so blank. You get blank with topics to talk about with your boyfriend. No matter how long you have been or how fresh both of you are, we always get to the point where both of you don’t know what to talk about. And sometimes, the silence between you is kind of awkward especially when both you are still new in that relationship. To all my ladies, here are some tips on certain things that could make your guy spill out.

Here are some topics that you and your boyfriend should talk about.

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  • Men are child in heart. They would never admit that they are still looking for that motherly love even though they are already grown up. Act like a mom but don’t act too much. Act as a lover and as a mom together like asking your boyfriends how his day was, what did he eat for lunch, or even ask him how was the game he played together with his friends. Those questions make them feel loved and cared. They will feel the concern you have for them.
  • Men are so proud of themselves in their specific filed of interest. They brag about themselves. So if your boyfriend is into sports, ask about how well he did. If your boyfriend has won an award, ask about his award. You’ll see he’ll brag and brag and brag.
  • If both of you don’t have the same interest, you can find some stuff wherein both of you can discuss and talk, but don’t end both yourself up on a heated discussion. You can browse a magazine with your boyfriend and talk about the content. Through it, a conversation will start.
  • You can start a conversation by using your cellular phone. Even you are together, text him with romantic quotes or jokes. You can also set up the mood by sending him a romantic quotes that both of you can relate.
  • “A way to a man’s heart is a man’s stomach” just what the saying goes. Talk about food with your boyfriend. Men love food. That is one thing they can’t deny, which is food. Ask him about his likes and dislikes in terms of food. If you know how to cook, then, tell him you know how to cook that food. With that, he will be interested.
  • If you really want your boyfriend will be all ears with you, compliment him. Men love to be complimented. So, the best conversation you can make with your boyfriend is to start with complements like how he looks handsome or how he makes you happy or anything positive that suits your boyfriend. I tell you, he love it!
  • After a conversation about your boyfriend, it’s time to talk about yourself. Guys love to listen if the topic is all about the girl they like. If your boyfriend is really interested with you and loves you, he will listen to what you will say. Just talk about yourself and interest and avoid talking about girly stuff.

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A conversation starts with a simple topic that continually grows as the conversation pursue. Before I will end this article, I would give you one tip. Let your man start the conversation. He will just open up certain stuff according to his interest. And that’s the time you will apply the tips I give you. And don’t forget to listen to what he says. Listening to him would mean you love him and you are interested with him. With all these tips, you won’t have a problem on topics to talk with your boyfriend.

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