Understanding Emotional Abuse In Marriage

Stop Emotional Abuse in Marriage Today!Emotional abuse in marriage is so rampant in many marriages and most victims are never aware. Unlike other forms of abuse emotional abuse leaves few physical scars and its victims suffer no broken bones, torn flesh or spilled blood. Therefore it’s never visible to the naked eye until in the later stages when victims begin showing signs of frustration and mood swings their general behavior begin to change and that’s when it becomes visible to others. To most people it’s the most the most painful and destructive form of domestic violence in marriages today for the simple fact its not easily visible and many victims shy from reporting the abuse.

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Many a times emotional abuse in marriages is used to control, humiliate, punish or degrade a spouse. The statistic are very elusive, even though experts agree that they have reached epidemic proportions’ and despite it been an everyday occurrence few are willing to report to the relevant authorities.

Signs of Thing Aren’t Right

When one is in a relationship and all of a sudden the feeling of love, tenderness and caring is replaced by fear humiliation or the general feeling of being a prisoner then you should know you are probably a victim of emotional abuse in your marriage or relationship. If at one point you feel that your spouse is isolating you from family and friends, constantly discourages you from taking activities that will enhance your growth and is always accusing you of unfaithfulness and always criticizing you on all things that you do then you have a reason to be worried as you could be a victim of emotional abuse in your relationship or marriage. Things usually get worse for the victim as she or he lives in denial in the hope that all the suffering will come to an end. He or she  tries to solve this problems by  accepting all the abuses heaped against them and thus the feeling of been unworthy start creeping in making one to be unable to make any decision due to fear of been criticized. This only deepens the matter and the victim could end up becoming suicidal.

Solution For The Victims

As soon as the symptoms of emotional abuse in your marriage or relationship start showing up, then the first thing would be to communicate to your spouse about the issue and try to keep the channels of communication open. If there is no change you can then try talking to people who are close to him or her and have them assist. If all fails then you need to ask for professional help and have him see a counselor. You should also seek guidance and counseling in order to be able to cope with the situation. For all this to work you have to first hold yourself in high esteem re-evaluate your relationship, always  be understanding and all always encourage them when progress is made.

Always remember it’s not wise to stay in an emotionally abusive marriage or relationship and if it cannot be resolved then one should quite before it gets serious.

Stop Emotional Abuse In Marriage Today!

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