Unhappy Marriage Signs

Solve Unhappy Marriage Here!!There are a lot of unhappy marriage signs that the husband and wife can observe, sometimes it is hard to observe, but most often than not it’s very evident, as in close to breaking. However, the signs are often neglected by the parties, not because they are too blind to see, but because they do not want to dwell into the idea of separation. As such, the article will tell the husband and the wife that it’s not wrong to see unhappy signs of marriage. It is often transparent to be seen by both parties not to be kept secret but to be worked out. What is within them that makes the married life UNHAPPY? Face the fact and work it out.

Have you tried waking up one morning and realized that you are not happy with the one you exchanged vows with?

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Have you tried eating alone at your dining table waiting for the partner to come home, and you suddenly feel, “if it is always like this, I can’t stand long”? Have you asked yourself many times if you have to leave or stay? Have you chosen to kept quiet and allow the marriage to be so boring and unhappy? If things are often like these inside the premise of your home and into the married life, this is already unhealthy.

Here are the different signs of unhappy marriage:

1) Frequent Arguments and Disrespect
Arguments and quarrels are common among married couples; however, what is not normal already are the frequent or almost daily arguments the husband and wife are making. This is a definite sign that all is not well in the marriage especially when arguments heat up at the start of the day and over breakfast. How can a loving husband and wife make an argument at the start of the day? What has gotten into their minds? Arguments can lead to disrespect to a point that mean words are thrown with each other, bringing up old issues over and over again until such time that an act of violence is also felt. This first sign can be very depressing and devastating to the children especially if they personally witness it.

2) Lack of Communication
When you used to be talking all the time at home, when working, while eating, and before going to bed, that’s’ very helpful for marital growth. However, when there’s a sudden shift from loud to silence in the relationship, it is already unhealthy. When silence takes over into the relationship, how they assess each one’s needs for them to meet? How can they know that they are already hurt, depressed, etc? Lack of communication is one of the unhealthy marriage signs that indicate cessation of shared thoughts and feelings.

3) Lies or Keeping Secrets From One Another
When each one of you is making lies to one another, this is already unhealthy. When each one has secret phone calls, emails, and other contracts without making one another aware it, this is a sign that you have to be aware of. Happy couples are those that share dreams, ambitions and plans in life. Now, spot the difference.

4) No Time to Spend with Each Other!
If you used to be so inseparable before, spending good times with each other, eating on your favorite restaurants, watching movies, nature tripping, beach escapade, etc and then you begin to switch into a more time spending with friends other than you. Each one of you goes home late and don’t even bother to worry at all. These are very signs of unhealthy married life especially if you have children to attend to.

5) Lack of Intimacy and Affection
Intimacy is part of marriage, and if each one do not anymore display signs of love and affection such as hugs, kisses and sex, the happy marriage has lost its spark. What is worse in marriage is when you tend to compare the relationship or the person to anyone better than you are.

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6) Drinking Usage
When both of you are not a drinker at all and then you immediately starts to make it as a habit and would even come home late at night drunk, it is so unhealthy for the relationship especially if you already have children. Setting a good example for them is beneficial. Drinking until you get drunk will not solve the problems.

7) Partner Infidelity
This is the very clear sign that marriage is going nowhere. This is actually the most difficult because once this happens and proven, the trust is hard to regain. Sometimes, suspicions can already make the relationship unhappy especially when you would catch your partner spending so much on the phone, computer and cell phones.

8) Depression
When either of the partners is exhibiting signs of depression such as lack of energy, loneliness, weakness, lack of appetite, and lonesome, these are simple indications that he/she is no longer happy with where and how he/she is now. Depression usually happens when the above signs are already known and have kept it for long deep inside, and so he/she feels helpless of how to finds his/her way out.

9) Falling Out of Love or Unmet Expectations
When they enter into marriage, they pose expectations that are unrealistic, so on the middle of the relationship when these expectations are not met, the marriage becomes unhappy. As such, falling out of love is common to happen.

Unhappy marriage signs do not only affect the couples, but also to the children they are responsible of rearing and growing. Signs can be very mild and severe, and whichever is the case, it can cause total unhappiness to the marriage life. What is more important in this article is the ability and awareness to recognize the signs and will be able to talk about it with each other until solving process is decided. Those signs do not intend to break the marriage, but these pose a challenge for the couples on how they are willing to fix it, and that’s one way of measuring how important is marriage for the couples.

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