Win Back Lost Love

Win Back Lost LoveOur human heart holds powerful emotions, strong enough to withstand even the direst of situations and would encourage you to win back lost love. In the best of times, it would create that pleasurable excitement, but in the worst of times, it may create an unrelenting stubbornness.

For you who believe in true love and sincerely want to win back the heart of your loved one, look at yourself and discover what may have gone wrong in your relationship. Speak to your partner and learn what he/she has been suffering from or been trying to put up with.

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Open your mind and do not be frightened of being hurt; if there is no pain, there would be no gain. Do remember that it will actually hurt your loved one more than it could ever hurt you. Consider a number of scenarios where things might have gone wrong.

Address any conflicts you and your partner may have. Perhaps your loved one believes strongly in completing any work first before recreation while you believe in de-stressing and switching on the Playstation first before starting work with a satisfied feeling. Find out if this is the case and do not make any assumptions. Once you know what exactly conflicts, find a way to rectify it. Perhaps you could change your habit and start on work first. Perhaps you could teach your partner the importance of relaxing first after coming home from a tired day at work. Then, make a compromise by doing the housework together and ending it with a romantic dinner. The balance of a scale can drop to the right or the left, but with proper weight, the scales can be perfectly balanced.

Become someone whom your loved one could depend on (if you have not already been such a person). When your relationship seemed to be falling apart, you might have looked for your family, or close friends, or a consultant for advice or comfort. Your partner, too, would have needed such people, people who are dependable and trustworthy. Though you and your partner have separated, it does not mean you two can never make contact ever again. If she needs help with her infected computer, you could still help her fix it; if she still desires company when going to the movies, going together would still be more pleasurable than going alone. Furthermore, still being able to make contact with her gives you more opportunities to make up with her.

Be a moral supporter (if you have not already been such a person). Life still goes on, and your partner needs to face challenges and difficulties. Be the one who cheers your partner on when she goes for a competition; be the one who gives her words of encouragement when she is studying for her examinations; continue to remember her birthday and if you are the only one who remembers it, it would have given you an even better impression. These tiny things can make a difference to her and giving her positive feelings with your actions, you could increase your chances of winning your partner’s love back.

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Listen, listen, and listen. As fundamental as it may seems, listening to others is something that we truly lack in our daily lives. Listen to your partner’s words, regardless of whether they are complaints, taunts, theories, opinions or even cries. People often want to tell others something but few would actually care to listen. Even if your partner is introverted, it is likely he/she would have a lot of things in mind. Take the chance to be a listening ear, even if your partner merely complaints to you. With a lighter burden and a grateful heart, your partner would feel more comfortable with you.

Be proactive instead of always waiting. When you and your loved one first met, one of you would have taken the initiative to enter the relationship, and now is a good time for you to maintain the initiative. With the four advices previously written, taking the initiative would certainly increase your attempt to win your partner’s favour. Being there when your partner needs someone or providing the help your partner needs even when he/she did not ask for it are ways of taking action first.

With a sincere heart and a willingness to make up for past mistakes, it is possible to resolve conflicts and salvage your relationship with your loved one. There are several ways to make up with your partner and these five points of view would be small stepping stones to a more successful relationship with your loved one.

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